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Serving high net worth investors with personalized, research-based strategies and solutions.

How We Serve You Differently

Your best interests come first. Always. That’s our obligation as a trusted fiduciary. But what sets Shuster apart is how we deliver on that commitment. We want you to be truly delighted by our personal service. Anticipating your needs and exceeding your expectations is what drives us.

We believe that knowledge is the power to serve you better. Learning everything we can about you is the first part of our service. With a deep understanding of your concerns and preferences, we can design an exceptional financial solution for you.

Once we understand your situation and needs, we start exploring options. Our research and analysis extends many layers deep until we can say, “This is it. This is the absolute best solution we can find for your circumstances.” We leave no stone unturned as we work to formulate precisely customized answers to achieve the outcomes you want.

Clients that have worked with other firms tell us they hear things from us that they never hear from others. We’re simply more resourceful. You can expect us to present you with alternative strategies and solutions that haven’t been suggested before. Some call it innovation or creativity. We call it getting the job done to the highest level of quality. As you deserve.


  • Globally Diversified Investment Management

    Your customized portfolio is designed to support the goals you want to achieve. Our in-depth analysis of the global marketplace gives you an edge. If you want research details, we’ll present them and explore the options together. So when you walk away, you’ll feel confident that the solution we’ve implemented was the right choice for your desired outcomes.

  • Asset Protection and Preservation Strategies

    We are relentless when it comes to researching wealth conservancy issues and answers. From tax, estate, and insurance planning concerns to asset ownership and diversification solutions, Shuster has you covered. We know that working to future-proof your wealth is as important as helping you grow it.

  • Retirement Income and Liquidity Strategies

    Transitioning to retirement after being an ultra-high earner requires planning and guidance. You want to feel confident about sustaining your lifestyle during retirement when big losses may not be as easily replenished. Through global market intelligence, extensive research, and independent analysis, we help you live the retirement life you want today and in the future.


You’ll also find that we make things as transparent as transparent can be. You’re entitled to know what you’re paying for, and with Shuster, you get objective evaluations and full disclosure of fees.

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